For Singapore | Genuine laptop battery for HP STREAM 11 Series

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Battery Information:
Battery Voltage:11.4V
Battery Capacity: 3130mAh (37Wh)
Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery
Condition: new genuine Battery
Battery Color: Black
Warranty: one year

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Battery compatible with HP STREAM 11 D001DX ,STREAM 11 D010CA ,STREAM 11 D010NR ,STREAM 11 D010WM ,STREAM 11 D020NR ,STREAM 11 D077NR ,STREAM 13C002DX ,STREAM 13C010CA ,STREAM 13C010NR ,STREAM 13C020CA ,STREAM 13C020NR ,STREAM 13C077NR ,STREAM 13c004TU ,STREAM 13c005TU ,STREAM 13c006TU ,STREAM 13c007TU ,STREAM 13c024TU ,STREAM 13c025TU ,STREAM 13c030TU ,STREAM 13c031TU ,STREAM 11 d001TU ,STREAM 11 d002TU,STREAM 11 d003TU,STREAM 11 d004TU ,STREAM 11 d005TU,STREAM 11 d006TU ,STREAM 11 d007TU ,STREAM 11 d008TU,STREAM 11 d009TU ,STREAM 11 d010TU,STREAM 11 d011TU ,STREAM 11 d012TU,STREAM 11 d013TU,STREAM 11 d014TU ,STREAM 11 d015TU ,STREAM 11 d016TU,STREAM 11 d017TU ,STREAM 11 d018TU,STREAM 11 d019TU,STREAM 11 d020TU ,STREAM 11 d021TU ,STREAM 11 d022TU ,STREAM 11 d023TU,STREAM 11 d024TU,STREAM 11 d025TU,STREAM 13c001TU,STREAM 13c001la LTNA,STREAM 13c002T ,STREAM 13c003TU ,STREAM 13c008TU,STREAM 13c009TU ,STREAM 13c010TU,STREAM 13c011TU,STREAM 13c012TU ,STREAM 13c013TU ,STREAM 13c014TU ,STREAM 13c015TU ,STREAM 13c016TU ,STREAM 13c017TU ,STREAM 13c018TU,STREAM 13c019TU,STREAM 13c020TU ,STREAM 13c021TU,STREAM 13c022TU ,STREAM 13c023TU ,STREAM 13c026TU ,STREAM 13c027TU ,STREAM 13c028TU ,STREAM 13c029TU,STREAM 13c032TU

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Weight 400 g

2 reviews for For Singapore | Genuine laptop battery for HP STREAM 11 Series

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    Battery was delivered promptly and a perfect fit.

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